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AutoCAD Crack Mac is best known as a 2D-CAD application. However, since it is not a CAD platform, its capabilities have grown to include a wide range of engineering, architectural, landscape design, video game, and other tools. The latest release is version 2017, which is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. AutoCAD Download With Full Crack 2017 is the last version of AutoCAD to run natively on Microsoft Windows. The application runs natively in Linux, macOS, and Android through an emulation layer called Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Autodesk Inc. acquired MacroFab for $400 million USD in November 2014. Autodesk named MicroFab Chief Architect Jason A. Powell as chief technology officer for Autodesk in March 2015. Powell has been credited with AutoCAD’s technology direction for the last 16 years. He was also responsible for the design and development of AutoCAD LT for the Apple Macintosh.

Autodesk Inc. acquired Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) in March 2011. PTC provides 3D-CAD applications and services such as SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, and 3DS Max. Autodesk has renamed its PTC brand as Autodesk PTC.

In August 2017, Autodesk announced the acquisition of Trinus for $1.2 billion USD. Trinus provides cloud-based 3D prototyping and publishing tools for engineering and industrial designers. Autodesk has renamed Trinus into Autodesk Dynamic Design.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a 2D-CAD application for designing and drafting. It can create drawings of any type, including drawings for architectural, landscape, structural, and engineering projects. AutoCAD is useful for 2D-CAD-style projects, but is also increasingly popular as a traditional CAD package.

Autodesk calls AutoCAD “A generic term that describes a collection of 2D drafting applications,” and the term is now commonly used to refer to a 2D-CAD application.

AutoCAD includes applications for 2D and 3D drafting, including architectural, engineering, construction, and multimedia.

The architectural and engineering drafting application has been renamed AutoCAD Architecture.

The construction drafting application has been renamed AutoCAD Civil.

AutoCAD Multimedia provides tools to create 2D and 3D videos,

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EPS and PDF printing
There are several APIs and hooks to allow printing directly from AutoCAD. These include the ACP (AutoCAD Printing) API. Through the AutoCAD 2009 release, the import and export of drawings as PDF was introduced, and a method was introduced to export the current document as a PDF.

The API is in the.NET assembly mscadnprinting.dll, which is added to the.NET extensibility directory. The newer API is available in the.NET assembly mscad.dll.

AutoCAD also has native interfaces in AutoLISP and Visual LISP.

Derived products
AutoCAD has many Directly 3D-enabled and 3D-enabled extensions, including Direct3D, Autodesk Architectural Designer, and Autodesk Architectural Visualizer. There are also many Autodesk Inventor-based extensions. Most are freeware or shareware, some are open source, some are proprietary.

AutoCAD Map 3D has its own coordinate system and object placement. It is the only extension to AutoCAD that has the ability to write on to satellite imagery (satellite images).

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AutoCAD 2021 24.0

3. Import the project
Open the Autodesk Autocad project from the Autocad folder.

4. Export to IP-CAD
Import the file generated from IP-CAD.
In the autocad that is imported, the import button is displayed as shown in the figure.
Select the button “Make of Autocad” in the figure, and the following procedure will be performed.
On the imported autocad, the “Make of Autocad” button is selected as shown in the figure.

5. Save the project
Save the file using the save button.

Original version: Igor Nikolic
Adapted version:
As discussed with Jun Shiba (Team Leader)
Corresponding author:
Enrique Fuentes
Copyright (C) 2014, Auto-CAD Developers, Inc. All rights reserved.

This source code is covered by the GNU General Public License.

Expression Evaluator: set expression

How can i use expression evaluator in delphi to set a value to a control?
expression := ‘text1.text’+text2.text;

To this
text1.text := ‘text2.text’


As detailed here (and explained in the comments) you can use the non-standard RTTI functions available in the Delphi RTL:
uses System.Rtti;


myFunction(yourTextBox.ClassType, ‘Text’ + myTextBox.Text);

// ======================================================================== //
// Copyright 2009-2013 Intel Corporation //

What’s New in the?

Markup Assist provides a high-level overview of your drawings, including model counts, subparts, and color. Add or adjust shapes, models, and colors. Reorder or delete models, subparts, or features. Draw lines, change arrowheads, and import/export files. (video: 1:13 min.)


Seamless motion paths create clean, smooth sweeps.

Symmetrical trims automatically draw right-side-up, creating a mirror image.

3D parts snap to the active path.

Flip along an axis: Flip any object on the path over and then straighten the path to remove the mirror.

Find and fix inverted 3D objects.

Cube tool: Easily create 3D models and models with textured sides. 3D models are created directly from a rough sketch, and textured sides show through as the cube rotates.

Spline tool:

Lines, paths, circles, and polygons are no longer anchored.

Assign a multiple spline object to a layer, and you can drag and drop the spline to position it.

New: Create your own custom splines.

CAD Web Services

Web services and XML now support smart drawing templates and JSON services.

No license required for Web services.

JSON services are available to users without a license.

Mobile clients now support viewing and working with AutoCAD drawings on the go.

Clicking on a Web service icon will display a list of all services available.

View and save workspaces.

Format XML files directly.

Use the Format menu to change existing XML files.

Use the XML Spy tool to view an XML file and edit it.


New keyboard shortcuts help you interact with a drawing more quickly and intuitively.

Keyboard shortcuts for shape attributes.

Reduce or increase values, decimal places, or dimensions.

Organize and manage shapes.

Import, Export, and Reverse Arcs:

Import, export, and reverse drawing arcs.

Import a DWG, PDF, or DXF file into an Arc object and then save it as an arc.

Export a DWG, PDF, or DXF file from an Arc object and then save it as an arc.

Import and export smart labels.


System Requirements:

• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and the newest release of Windows 10, 64-bit
• 2 GB of RAM
• Intel Pentium 4 Processor or equivalent (2.8 GHz or faster)
• Graphics card
• DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, monitor and speakers
• Internet connection
• CD or DVD drive
• 9.5″ by 13″ printer
• Mouse and Keyboard
• USB port and power source
File size