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CAD drawing software for design engineers and dressmakers – The Gerber Pattern Drafting Software – allows designers to create a variety of pre-engineered (instrumental) and man-made patterns
All new Lectra Kaledo! New interview. Interview with Maryniur.. As designs become more complex, it is sometimes useful to explore the logic of the cut and the requirements of the garment being designed.
Kaledo for Sony Vaio P series 550 eV ePS viewer. Kaledo design software provides a powerful and efficient solution for artists and dressmakers. This software offers unique 3D animations and numerous patterning tools and features.
Designing for professionals. What Is Fashion Design? The creative process of fashion design involves a variety of elements.
Lectra – Design, Development, Manufacturing, Wholesale (UK) 2018. The largest manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines worldwide, Lectra provides products for all garment and accessory industries. Established in 1965, they are a leading designer and developer of specialized sewing and embroidery equipment.
@LectraUK | Twitter. Twitter for Lectra. As the largest manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines worldwide, we sell machines for all garment and accessory industries – from the top-selling Top-Stop sewing machines through to our unique Clinc machines.
With a strong commitment to customer service and the joy of creativity, Lectra has been a leading worldwide source of technology, expert training, and close customer support since 1965. Free Lectra. Mainline Pollution: a New Tactic at Financial Institutions. The New Royal Bank of Scotland Scandal.
Oct 21, 2012
Lectra Acquires Kaledo. New York, NY – October 19, 2012 – Lectra, the largest manufacturer of sewing, embroidery, and embroidery systems worldwide, announced today that it has acquired Kaledo, a software developer and manufacturer of pattern-making and design solutions for fashion and textiles. Kaledo’s innovative, CAD-based patterning and design solutions are used by professional designers, patternmakers, and apparel brands worldwide.
How to Draw Fashion Costume Patterns. Fashion Designer Illustration. If you want to be a fashion designer you first have to illustrate your design. The reason is that your project will be based on your illustration. The process could be similar to other projects such as toys, or painting. Your illustration will

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