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Movie Khuda Gawah Dvdrip Torrent,

A girl who wins a contest to be a television host

The title song is the best part of the film.

Scene 1

She reveals to her school-teacher father that she has won the competition. The father is surprised by this, as he had expected her brother Shraddha to get the job. The teacher states that this is a new and big thing for their family and that he was worried about her. The father adds that she has no experience, so it is a big responsibility. In the end, the father, mother and other family members, although sad, support her and know that she has the potential to become a good host.

Scene 2

In another scene, the girl is reading a magazine. Shraddha comes and asks the girl to continue reading the magazine as he cannot keep on waiting. They argue about the dispute over the contest. Shraddha is amazed at how the father had trusted her. Shraddha promises to win the contest for both of them, while she would not reveal the fact that she had won the contest in front of the other family members. They have dinner and get ready for bed. When they are in bed, the girl accidentally spills a glass of water on her father, who screams in anger. Shraddha questions whether her father has gone crazy.
But the father, with tears in his eyes, explains that he had been worried that his daughter had turned into a different person. Shraddha asks whether he does not like her, to which the father replies that he does. When Shraddha asks her father for a hug, he refuses, but later he gives her a hug.
While sitting together in the bed, Shraddha tells the girl that she will tell her parents everything tomorrow. In the end, the girl reveals to Shraddha that she is actually a contestant. Shraddha is shocked and asks her father whether he trusts his daughter. The girl points out that she has done nothing and just like Shraddha, her family also has not done anything.
Now the father wants to know why he lied to him. The father tells the girl to do her best in the show and not worry about anyone. As the girl and Shraddha leave, they are stopped by her mother, who asks what the two of them were doing.

Scene 3