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WICReset Software is used to Reset the Waste Ink Counters in the .
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• Kodak and Epson inkjet printers
• Lexmark inkjet printers
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WISewickReset Tool is a software tool. WISewickReset software is a useful toolwhenever your waste .
WICReset is designed to reset a manufacturer printer’s waste ink and .
Most of the waste ink problems are related to failed drivers and incompatible third party software. Among the many problems, your
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To reset ink waste counter in your Canon 5B00 printer. WICReset software is a useful toolwhenever your waste .
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Epson Wic Reset Utility Keygen. Utilize the WicReset Tool to reset your printer waste counters. Waste ink counter is fully editable for the waste ink counter. It can work up to 100%. This trial waste counter will work one time for the device. Trusted by Developers. Wic Reset Utility Keygen.

Show HN: Deserializing a file to a map in JavaScript – mehwoot

Interesting but won’t work for binary files.

Also, couldn’t you simply use JSON.parse() on it?

Hi, I’m the creator. You can use this on binary files with the binary library

It works for the files I tried, but I thought it might have been the binary
library rather than me guessing incorrectly. Good work!


What is the difference between a string and a string parameter in ruby?

In Ruby, the only difference between “string” and “string” is that the latter is preferred due to programming style and style consistency. What is the motivation behind this?


Every method accepts 2 parameters.
The first one is the parameter name, while the second one is the argument value.
In such case, when you use 2 arguments, the first argument gets the parameter name, while the second one is the value.
RDoc has good summary:
Update for your code example,
def send_email(time_of_message)

def send_email(message)

Just a note that, this method take as argument an instance variable, not a string, which is of course considered as empty string.

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